History of the Company

Martnextdoor is a Multi-Vendor market place that has grown with the capacity to accommodate one million stores with over fifteen  customers yearly. Martnextdoor is set to take over with the latest innovation of online shopping and personal owned stores .

Cooperate with Us!

Martnextdoor is made of different individuals aiming for the same goals. Each one of Us makes up Martnextdoor awesome. So let’s continue to abide by the rules guiding the management of our stores while making more sales.

What we really do?

Martnextdoor is a Multi-Vendor market place where people can create a platform for their businesses online through our website for free and make sales while we handle the marketing and act as the middle-man between the Customer and the Seller.

Our Vision

Martnextdoor is geared towards making a global community for extreme ease of buying and selling of goods and services through One Click on your mobile devices and any internet enable device right from the comfort of your home.

What can we do for you ?

Contact the 24/7 Customer Support team and we will help you with your request.

From the point of Order to Shipping Martnextdoor handles while you relax and watch the magic.

With our shipping method our customers will get their orders in no time. Customers can also track their orders .

We are always here to assist you with anything problem or request. Making your experience with Martnextdoor exciting and pleasurable.

We get reviews from happy customers are enjoying the value of our services.